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“What Does Love Feel Like” © Rebecca R. Pierce

What does love feel like?

It is a caged bird
When a hand lifts the gate.
Tasting the blue of the skies,
It dips its wings in light,
Settles into a nest, and knows
What home feels like.

It is an endless well
Whose water longs to touch
The lips of their beloved
To quench a thirst as much as
To be taken in.

It is a mirror facing a mirror
Staring into the face of eternity,
Of infinite possibilities stretched
Into frame after frame after frame
Of shimmering reflection.
Show me who I am.
I’ll show you who you are.

Me, you, we—
The collective consciousness
Of every particle vibrating
Even in stillness.

It is where
The heart swirls in two directions at once,
A supernova and black hole in one;
Exploding, contracting,
Giving, taking,
Push and pull and pulse….
Every atom alive and dancing
With the universe
To music that sounds like