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“The Forgotten Ones” © 2022 Rebecca R. Pierce

Clouds webbed across the full face of the moon
Like tattered shrouds that were carelessly strewn,
Pulled threadbare through the bony hands of trees
By a howling wind who fell upon its knees
Silenced in defeat or hushed in prayer,
Sliced down like all the dreams that went nowhere.

For what are ghosts but forgotten desires,
The smoky ashes of yesterday’s fires?
Rejected shadows from the dark night of our souls,
Who—fragmented, incomplete—hope again to be whole.
Restless wanderers, hungry is the haunt,
The anguished ache of an aborted want.

Chained in nightmares, how we toss and turn
To witness our demons’ raw, naked yearn.
These we cast to Hell and renamed Sin.
Do they claw us apart to get back in?
They turn our hearts to a box of regrets,
A fast, fading beat of “not yet, not yet.”

Promises broken, buried like bones in death,
Arise from their graves like a misty breath
Howling for heaven, but they’ll not enter soon.
They creep across the full face of the moon.

Author’s Note: I completely forgot to post this for Halloween. Ah well!
Better late than never. Enjoy!