New #shortstory #TheGirlWithoutAFace will be published on Amazon Kindle tomorrow! Love #darkfairytales? Here’s the blurb: “Once upon a time a girl, disfigured by her mother, seeks a way to become beautiful in order to be loved.”

Want more? All right, I’ll give you the first paragraph…

“When I was a baby, my mother, the Queen bit off my face. That was what the servants told me when I was old enough to ask why I had to wear a mask, why I was told not to take it off, and why there were no mirrors in the castle. They said she went mad with grief and chewed my face off, that it took three of her ladies-in-waiting to pry her off me.” ~Velia, The Girl Without a Face

So look my new story on my author’s page located here.

Girl Without A Face MOCK UP