“A Nameless Face”

Walking through another dreamlike street
Where faces burn cold, cold as meat
And those eyes look beyond your flesh and bones
And those voices hush down in dusty tones.

A nameless face, a little boy
Cold as fine satin, insignificant toy
Eyes of lost sapphires, hair like desert sand
If he could grow into a child, he wouldn’t be a man.

Love in a box, fast food is popular of late.
Someone’s heart lies on a paper plate
His lies somewhere on a silver moon
Would the gods grant a nameless face a boon?

Lover unknown who has no choice but to care
Against the world’s clothed souls, your body is so bare.
Walk through the streets, everyone’s face is a trout.
Dead cold fish people, in silent bubbles they shout.

Paint me a sad picture, I’ll have the color of your eyes.
If I understand you, don’t be so surprised.
Remember, we’ve met before
Behind a different door.

Nameless Face or Faceless Name,
I am the jigsaw, play my game.
Two champagne glasses, the table I don’t see.
You are half-full, I half-empty.

A nameless face
I can’t replace
But among the dead in the vault
We’re both alive and it’s nobody’s fault.

*Author’s Note: republishing this from the book Waves From My Oddest Sea. This is one of my older works, written sometime before 2004. Please don’t judge me too harshly! But why post this now, you may ask? Well, I just figured out the Twitter thing (please don’t judge me again–technology may be fun for you but it’s magic for me, and I don’t do magic), and on a whim, I looked up my own hashtag, #rebeccarpierce.  Two lines from the poem came up! Someone quoted me–in a Tweet! I am beside myself with joy! So, here it is, the poem in its entirety. ❤