As you may have noticed, I changed themes for my blog because the old one was…well, it was boring. No pictures to speak of, the layout was dull. It’s not that I didn’t want to present something nice to my readers and would-be readers, it’s just that I am a little technologically challenged. And I have a near-phobia when it comes to trying new things. Lucky for me, my vanity won out over my fear and I did what anyone in my shoes would do: I searched for a tutorial on Youtube.

Now, if you’ve been thinking about starting a blog of your own and was overwhelmed by how to get started in making it look pretty, here’s a nice video for you to check out that may help: WordPress Tutorial For Beginners 2017 Step By Step Build Your Website by (If the link does work, copy/paste this into your browser:

Anyway, I hope no one was reading any of my posts while I was updating its look. No doubt it was jarring and chaotic. If so, my apologies. I probably appeared rather indecisive and even at moments insane as I pondered background colors of migraine-inducing red and holy-god-I’m-blind yellow. Thankfully, I leave making bad decisions to my protagonists in my stories.

Do you like the new look? Let me know in the comments!