Adam tried to roll me over. If he could, I knew he’d shove me back into the dirt from whence we came.

“Obey me.” He grunted, his muscles straining against mine.

“No.” I laughed at his futile attempt.

His manhood shrank and he pushed me off. Standing, he wiped his arm across his wet and angry eyes. He stomped off, crushing the grass underneath his feet, presumably to tattle on me again.

Always, he wanted to be on top but I wouldn’t let him. We were created in the same moment–equals–yet he wanted to dominate me. He did not court me; he meant to take what he thought was his due. I stood, wiping a hand between my wet and disappointed thighs. I decided to take my complaints elsewhere, too.

When I returned, Adam was still complaining about me to our Creator.

“…the woman you created is no good…” he said.

I held my breath, waiting for the Almighty to slay him where he stood. But despite his tantrum, Adam did not die. He wanted God to intervene on his behalf, to make me obey.
I listened long enough to know that angels would be sent for a reconciliation but it had to be of my own free will.

When they came, I refused. “That weak and cowardly creature is ill-fit for anyone’s mate. He wants to dominate the world and all that is in it. He will destroy all. It would be to everyone’s benefit if he had no mate with which to sow his seed, lest there be others like him.”

The angels did not disagree. They warned, “You will be blamed for everything Man does, for all his misfortunes.”

“He already does,” I said bitterly. “He will blame any mate given him; he will blame the world, and even God, but never himself. I know Adam.”

I was there when our Creator made Adam’s second wife. Hidden behind trees, I watched in fascination as particles of the earth were pulled loose and met droplets from the sky or wisps of breath. Colors flew in different directions and fused with one another to form the hardened white bones of her structure, then her webbed ligaments and tendons. Muscles came into full bloom as beautiful as roses, skin cocooned around her and hair spilled from her scalp like a river. She opened her eyes and looked at him.

Likewise, our Creator smiled, and turned to Adam to see what he thought of his new mate and gift.

One glance at Adam and I knew he was horrified. At his disapproval, God returned this nameless woman back to the earth before I could beg to keep her, before she could even speak for herself.

I would have liked a new friend but I did not complain so God did not make me one. Adam caught me staring at him. I turned away in disgust.

Our Creator made Adam his third and final wife. Adam bragged that this one was made from one of his own ribs and bound to be more obedient.

I laughed when I heard it. He was not awake, so he wouldn’t have known. But I was there and saw it all. God must have told him that to placate him, so Adam might actually love the poor woman a little if he believed there was a part of himself in her.

Years later, Adam blamed Eve for all of his mistakes, just as I knew he would. I was mostly forgotten. Adam retold our story because he could not bear the shame of the truth, that a woman disobeyed him and was strong enough to leave. Thus Eve was his first wife and I never existed. If the name Lilith was ever mentioned, it was whispered that I slew and ate his babies, I was a demon to be warded off.

They claimed Cain’s slaying of Abel as the first death in this world but I still think about that nameless woman, returned to the dirt because she did not meet Adam’s approval. Quietly she came and quietly she left. Surely she was the most obedient of all Adam’s wives.