Shambles,  Model Town, and The Road to Kyoto have finally been published to Amazon Kindle. Now, it’s a little early for the Three for Free Sale. If you want to wait it’s between Oct. 29th – Nov. 2nd. However, if you think, eh, what’s $2.99 a pop? This goes to support my dear friend Rebecca. Well, for you wonderful angels, you can order it here.

I have to say, they look damned impressive all lined up like that.

I’m glad I had such a productive day yesterday. Today, the baby refused to sleep and so I am exhausted from trying to placate her. Ugh. I thought writing a novel was hard work. (And it is.) Babies are merciless. (And make the novel writing process even more difficult than it already is.)

What might I be working on now that I’ve got these three beauties out? Well, I have not one, not two but three works in progress. One is a novella I’m temporarily naming Outer Banks, a horror about shark-like mermaids. Another is another horror short story I’m calling The Vault (for now) and has to do with waking up locked up and that’s all I’m saying on that one. The last is an erotica short that takes place in feudal Japan about a high-ranking courtesan in love with a man she cannot have. And of course, I’m working on The Huntress of Rosefell Hall, my novel but I’m not counting that. I’ve been working on Huntress for the last four years writing, rewriting, and basically getting it presentable for my editor.

Anyway, that’s me. Let me know what you’re up to in the comments below. Love to hear from you!