Hello, everyone, I am back from a hiatus. Blogging, as it turns it, is hard work. Those of you who are fellow bloggers know what I am talking about. Those of you who followed me previously know that I primarily set up a WordPress account so that I could challenge myself to writing a poem a day. You see how well that panned out. HA!

Well, I’ve decided to give it another go only this time, I have some news: between then and now I picked up writing short stories. In fact, I’ve got three short stories published on Amazon. You can check out my works here. Stay glued to that site because come Halloween, I’ll have an extra tasty treat for you: three free horror short stories that will be free for the week of Halloween only–so get it while it’s hot.

You can also follow me on my Facebook’s Author’s Page.

Will I abandon poetry forever? No, that’s not likely but for the time being I am concentrating on short stories and working on my paranormal/fantasy/horror novel series about a monster hunter in a “Victorian-esque” setting.