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“Here is God”

Here is God.  Not just in the bread and wine,
But in the water that fed the grinding wheat,
In the blood of the grapes for which we dine,
In the crying flesh of all that we eat.
The breath of God that breathed across the face
Of the earth is the same we use to greet
One another: heads bent with words of grace.
Here is God.  On our lips the power of
Destruction or creation, hate or love.

Here is God.  Not just in the words of a book
Or in the wood of a church, but in trees
Of an unnamed forest, the winding brook,
The crowning fog at a mountains’ knees…
He is in every stone or grain of sand,
The greatest and the least of these.
He is in each child, woman and man.
In the dark of the moon, or light of day,
God can be found by the seekers who pray.