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“Sonnet for a Naughty Cook”

I make the most delicious things to eat…
A bread of rising hope for tarty jams.
And dreams–like choc’late–must be bittersweet.
With steam enough seducing even clams
To open secrets even as they sleep.
I break the spine of green and leafy things
And whipping them down in a sweaty heap
A gasp of pepper til the oil sings!
A kiss of sugar, a lick of honey,
Can stir a salt to a metallic bite.
A sift of truth, least lies are too runny–
A shadow of dark to sharpen delight.
     I wear an apron and the highest of heels,
    Goddess of the kitchen, mistress of meals.

*Author’s Note: I was challenged by a friend to write a poem about cooking.  I was also challenging myself to work on writing a sonnet, as I am still trying to grasp how to write in iambic pentameter.  I hope you don’t mind I had a little mischievous fun as I usually find the writing of sonnets to be boring, tedious work…as well as difficult.  So, hopefully this poem will be whipping me into shape in no time flat.

Yes, I mixed a Shakespearean Sonnet with food and s&m.  Why the fuck not?