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“On Adopting a Pet”

I never knew I needed you, for I am
One of those closed as a clam,
Caged in behind the bars
Of my routine mind,
Cramped in a small box,
And thus confined.

You needed shelter, and I suppose
I needed someone to enclose
Someone in my life and home,
And that was when you looked at me
In that heart-stopping moment
When a lock felt a key.

There was the twist, and then a click
That winds up an old clock, tick tick tick…
Well, now you’ve done it,
But what did you do?
Brought love into my life.
Now who rescued who?

*Author’s Note: My friend Lisa B’s challenge was to write a poem about how your heart is awakened when you love an animal, sort of a “who rescued who” theme.  So…this is what I was able to create out of that challenge.