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“The World is Full of Music”

The world is full of music from the hiccuping frogs,
And catcalling birds, and the rustle-stepped footfalls
Of deer skirting about in the grassy green, and dogs
Yipping and panting half-mad with delight, and crawls
Of insects flitting by and by, and the buzzing of bees
Wiping feet yellow on the doormat of daisies.

And where there is music there will be dancing!
The swaying wave of tall trees pining away
For a roguish breeze that weaves through, glancing
Off a few acorn baubles, distressed with caressing play.
They’re pulsing shyly to the song of the breeze–
There is no such dancing like the dance of the trees!

Clouds will come and clouds will go–dark and bright,
Sailing like ships and some pregnant with geese,
Or else rain. Some so fat, they unbuckle light
And storms down hungrily violent forks to feast
On farms, forests, mountains–deserts for dessert
And the smell of fire–desire–and dirt.

*Author’s Note: My husband challenged me to write about “the celebration of life”.  I previously wrote “I Am a Seed in the Womb of the Earth” for that very purpose but it didn’t quite grasp the “celebration” part of the theme I was given, SO…here I am with this poem.

There is such a myriad of things to write about when writing about life, that it’s hard to pin down.  It occurred to me that the phrase “larger than life” must have come from somewhere, for now that I try to write about it, life is HUGE–oh my God–gigantic–enormous–GI-NORMOUS!   You could write about your friends, the world you live in, turning points in your life, GOD, foods, favorite hobbies–in fact, everything!  Everything you see, hear, touch, taste, feel…everything!  By contrast, death is pretty small.  In fact, it seems to me that life is so huge, it even encompasses death–for “death is a part of life” but you never hear that “life is a part of death” (except in terms of an afterlife, maybe?).

So this is my stream of consciousness written poem about nature and how there’s music, and dancing, and feasting–life as a party!  I couldn’t contain all the things that I consider “my favorite things” but this, I think, makes for a good poem.  If I made it longer, I think we would lose interest quickly.  I never could make it through really long poems except in the case of epic poems but as they tell a story, we are automatically hooked because we want to know what happens next.

For tomorrow’s challenge, I am supposed to write a poem about loving an animal, sort of a ‘who rescued who’, that your soul finally awakens when you learn to love an animal, something like that.  We will see how that turns out!  There’s what I’m supposed to write…and then there’s what comes out of the challenge.  So…until tomorrow!  XOXOXO