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“I Am a Seed in the Womb of the Earth”

I am a seed in the womb of the earth,
Pulling the water down from the heavens
Tendrils splitting wide in depth and girth,
My very soul bursting in evolution.
Crawling, pushing: I am my own birth,
Spilling green where a gold world beckons.
Sweating–laboriously wet–yet here am I
Rooted to the earth, reaching for the sky.

Let the air drink my dew and know who I am:
I am seven thousand particles of heaven
Drunk through the earth to very the last dram,
I am a reservoir of its solution,
Whose waters are bursting forth from this dam:
And the Spirit of God moves in unison
That I may give that which was taken:
A thirst to quench, the dead to awaken.

I am a seed in the womb of the earth…