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“Winter Eulogy”

Rest softly now, and drift like gentle snow.
Fall gently away in the dark of night,
To unburden all that you were and go.

Sift out the dark, bearing only the light,
Leaving here all sorrow, despair, and fear,
That you carry with you only delight,

And the joys and loves and all you hold dear,
That you may enter Heaven, feeling blessed,
And we will remember your goodness here.

We will carry your memory, deeply pressed
In our hearts and minds, in the words we share
That you may lay down in eternal rest.

Fear not and surrender all worldly care.
And to all such fears: be silent, be still.
For all who call to God shall not despair.

This is no farewell, but parting until
We meet again. Rest softly now, and know
That we are all a dream within God’s will.

*Author’s Note: Wrote this for a friend, whose father passed away.  This poem was written in a loose terza rima format because I felt that that “enveloping” quality of a rhyme was perfect way to honor a burial.  It is the earth holding the body of the deceased as well as a friend would hold the person grieving his or her loss.  Death affects us all, and the loss of one causes a chain reaction.  Hence the terza rima or chain/linking rhyme found here.  Also note that the 2nd to the last line ends with the word “know” to rhyme with lines 1 & 3, “snow” and “go” respectively, so that the poem comes full circle–as all life and death cycles must.