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“One Tear At a Time”

I still see your eyes, they haunt me so
The way they pierced me in the dark
And hooked my soul
That, together, we’d embark
Like a ship and sea
You and me
Down a forever journey.

That time is gone, I can scarcely believe
That time takes what it lately gave
And hooked my soul
Down to your grave
And there is no reply
To my question of why
Save all that lives must eventually die.

I loved and lost, and I love you yet.
Messages sent in tears so wet
Marking joy as well as regret
And this is how I set you free:
One tear at a time
From the heart of me.

*Author’s Note: I lost my favorite sugar glider, Batman, tonight.  I really don’t know how people recover from losing a pet.  This is the only way I know of to find some semblance of relief.  Death, no matter who it comes for, when it comes for someone you love…you just feel gutted.  I feel very raw right now.