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“Helen of Troy to Her Husband”

Come, send your thousand ships, Coward!
Bring an army of men to do the job of one.
When all that I love has been devoured,
It’s still you, my heart will shun.
All you ever wish is my defeat,
My reason to hate reminds me.
You can lay my city to ash at my feet,
But still you’ll never find me.

*Author’s Note: Still feeling pretty awful from this cold/flu bug and therefore, more than a little brain-dead.  I was able to get a stanza of something new written yesterday before my body decided–uh-uh, time for bed again.  So, I’ll leave you with this poem that I wrote back in 2005 as a nice distraction until I can muster the strength to create something new.  Maybe I’ll write another stanza tonight and by tomorrow, have something to show for it.