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“The Moon and the Sea”

The moon pulls me with the tide.
It washes cold silver o’er each rippling wave.
I fold and unfold myself but cannot hide.
The merciless light is a crippling lave,
And all my secrets thus will blanch
As each wave crashes in avalanche.

Do not stir me tonight
Because I am water and you are stone.
And all your wiles are maddening bright
When I want to be alone.
Rushing and hushing, in love and hate,
All through the night, I vacillate!

And I dash myself against the rocks,
I splash myself against the shore.
Still the beaming smile mocks
Making me quake and reach for more.
The more I sigh, the more I heave…
As darkness and light interweave.

When at last I am but spent,
And my crumpled soul is smooth and still.
Then, at last, will you relent
And make your kisses soothe, tranquil?
Thus are we locked in intimacy,
For you are the moon, and I am the sea.

*Author’s Note: Not feeling too well today, so I am going to try and take it easy today.  Therefore, I am posting up this older poem of mine, written sometime back around 2005.  It is one of my favorite love poems, a poem of love’s yearning and I hope you enjoy it as much I do.

I will try to write something later…maybe a poem about having a cold, or something.  Well, why not?  It is a blog, after all, a diary in poetry form….