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“Contrary to Popular Belief”

Sometimes, I think, I must be contrary
To whatever might be contemporary.
For “do as you’re told”
Is comedy gold
And I watch as their intentions miscarry.

Perhaps, I am a little demented
That my stubbornness should be so cemented.
The more they persuade,
The more I evade
To keep my will still, and undented.

It is all a matter of opinion.
I have my own under my dominion.
And it is not nice
To give their advice
As if I were their minion!

*Author’s Note: Occasionally, I dabble in some humorous poems, if for no other reason, to just blow off some steam.  Today is Election Day here in the United States.  Hopefully, after today, we can stop screaming at each other that “we know what’s best for everyone” and “our candidate is better than your candidate”.  Hopefully, we can just stop screaming at each other in general.  Everyone has their point of view and screaming your point of view is just going to establish one thing: you’re a jerk, and nothing you have to say has any value.  Well, I am going to go relax for a bit now, and contemplate what my next poem should be.