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“The Turtle”

The way to heaven is through the earth.
Carry your home upon your back.
It is the gateway of every birth.
For every blue sky turns to black.
Trudging slowly, trudging true.
Yet all that’s lost begins anew.

Every moon makes room for the sun.
Trod down, be not downtrodden.
Dare to walk where you cannot run.
And let your burdens be forgotten.
Let all the moons you bear on your shell
Be your own light, this darkness dispel.

The way to heaven is through the earth.

*Author’s Note: Sorry for the edit, guys, but I am new to WordPress and took it for granted that when I did the copy/paste from a word document that the italicized parts of the poem would remain italicized.  It did not.  Hence, the edit.

Now, if you’re interested as to the background of this particular poem, I technically started on it about a year ago–though I didn’t jot down a single thing.  I remember reading on the Internet somewhere that the Native Americans felt that the turtle symbolized immortality.  The top of their shell represented heaven while the bottom of their shell represented earth.  Also, that their shell had 13 square segments to it, which corresponds to the lunar calendar as well as to a woman’s cycle.  According to this article that I read, turtles are to teach one to slow down in life, and that “the way to heaven is through the earth”.  This resonated with me something fierce and I found that I wanted to write about it and so I did.

And maybe it’s just me but even while writing about it, and rereading it, I cannot help but think of the weight of the turtle’s shell and the turtle, carrying this weight and walking along through life’s hardships that it is not unlike Christ carrying His cross to Calvary.  There are all sorts of difficulties in the world, but here we are reminded that there are all sorts of beauty also–once you get to the other side.