Unseen is OUT!

I’ve been busting my ass with my editor and at last Unseen is finished. You can get your copy now on Amazon for $0.99, or if you don’t mind waiting a day, it’s free as my Valentine’s Gift to you from Feb. 14th – 18th, 2018. Not exactly a love story, but if you love getting things for free, you might get a little heart bubbly.

Now, since I write horror, I have this to say: expect to be triggered. If you have any possibly triggers, I’m probably going to slam them like a kid on an elevator. I intend  to make you uncomfortable and creep you out. That’s all the warning you’ll get.

Still with me? Fantastic. Here’s the blurb for Unseen.

” It’s been five years since Charlotte’s sister, Rachel, went missing, but Charlotte doesn’t remember her. She can’t remember anything before she ran through the forest, drenched in blood, her clothes slightly torn. Her family, along with the rest of the pioneers, traveled on in their covered wagons, leaving her behind to live with her grandmother in the woods. And then one day, her grandmother goes missing forcing Charlotte to enter deep into the woods beyond the thorny wall. Will Charlotte finally understand the mystery of her sister’s disappearance? And what of the eerie wind that comes knocking like a ghost upon her cabin’s door? Will she finally learn the truth of the Unseen?”




Cover and Blurb Reveal for Unseen

Coming Soon…


It’s been five years since Charlotte’s sister, Rachel, went missing, but Charlotte doesn’t remember her. She can’t remember anything before she ran through the forest, drenched in blood, her clothes slightly torn. Her family, along with the rest of the pioneers, traveled on in their covered wagons, leaving her behind to live with her grandmother in the woods. And then one day, her grandmother goes missing forcing Charlotte to enter deep into the woods beyond the thorny wall. Will Charlotte finally understand the mystery of her sister’s disappearance? And what of the eerie wind that comes knocking like a ghost upon her cabin’s door? Will she finally learn the truth of the Unseen?

FREEBIES from Jan 1-5

All of my short stories will be free from January 1st to January 5th on Amazon, so please stop by and see if anything interests you. There’s horror, there’s erotic romance, there’s a dark fairy tale romance, and even a historical drama. So stop by and give it a download since it’s FREE. If you feel like paying me a compliment–or a critique–please leave me a review on Amazon. Those act like currency for indie authors and I definitely appreciate each and every one.

Check out my Amazon Author’s Page here or go to this link if that one doesn’t work: https://www.amazon.com/Rebecca-R.-Pierce/e/B01DMTERWW/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1459820090&sr=1-1

Short Story List

Broken Wings – When Valerie Tempest gets dumped by her live-in fiance, she panics, and suddenly needs to be “anywhere but here.” That impulsive “anywhere” finds her on the next flight to Istanbul, far away from any family, friends, or colleagues. A foreign land, a wrong turn, and an impulse buy of an ancient relic puts her face to face with a sexy genie named Kahlil. Is he everything she could wish for, or should she travel on?

Lord Coddington’s Widow – Love and marriage are the last things on the jaded Lady Coddington’s mind. But an unexpected encounter with a masked man leaves her desperate to explore the pleasures of lust. Will she find the man behind the mask, or will she move on to bigger and better things?

Model Town – When Laurel Rose inherits her great-grandmother’s house, she discovers a miniature town in the attic. The details enchant her and she sets about to restore it. Soon she’s having the strangest dreams…

Plagued – It was the Plague of 1348 and Rosaline is trying to get home to her mother, so they can save themselves by leaving the city.

Shambles – A short story of a zombie apocalypse as seen through the eyes of a zombie. (First published in the anthology A Journey of Words by Scout Media)

The Girl Without a Face – Once upon a time a girl, disfigured by her mother, seeks a way to become beautiful in order to be loved.

The Road to Kyoto – Four samurai accompanying four sisters to Kyoto are caught by a sudden snowstorm. They take refuge in what appears to be an abandoned monastery… only it’s not nearly as abandoned as they’d like…

I’m in love–with an RPG board

Those of you who know me, know that I’m a huge fan of D&D–have been for many years. Not to throw my nerd card down, but (here we go) I’ve played since THAC0 was a thing, when you rolled 2D10’s for Initiative, and you had to color in your dice with crayon if you wanted to see the numbers. Yeah, old school, 2nd edition, man. I now hang around at 3.5e, but don’t ask me about 4th edition unless you want to hear a lot of expletives.

Anyway, along with being a writer, I also like to game. So when one of my friends in a writing group posted to see if anyone was interested in playing a rpg/writing board, I gave a resounding YES. This turned out to be one of my favorite hobbies outside of scrolling through Facebook. It’s a combination of light, stress-free writing and socializing and I get my gaming fix in at the same time. If you’ve never roleplayed, but want to give it a try, you can check out my newest addiction, Bardic Web. It’s totally free for up to five characters on all story boards. After you create your character, go to the fantasy section, click on the world of Berelath, add your character to the scroll (this is SUPER important if you wish to make replies and such), and visit the Green Heart Inn. That’s where all the cool kids are at, sipping ale and posturing. Because we’re badass adventurers, that’s why. Naturally, we drink ale and glower at people while we wait for people to come in and look at the newly posted quest line. Anyway, I’m off. There are some missing relics that may or may not be of magical content and these things aren’t going to go find themselves, you know.

The Huntress of Rosefell Hall update

As many of you already know, I have a novel in the works, The Huntress of Rosefell Hall. Well, after three years of writing, revising, editing, sending out to beta readers, crying, revising, editing, etc., I am happy and nervous to say–I sent it out for possible publication today.

On Monday, a friend shared with me a link that said there was an unsolicited submissions window with one of the Big Five publishers and the deadline was for Dec. 31st. As the entire manuscript had to be enclosed with a cover letter and then mailed via “snail mail,” I had no time to lose. I have never did so much editing in such a short amount of time in my life. I even gave myself a migraine to get here. But it’s done. It’s finally done and I’m so nervous, I want to puke. I haven’t been this nauseated since I was pregnant with my daughter–which is oddly fitting because in the end, my 250K word novel ended up weighing 9.59 lbs.

And now, now we wait the three to six months it takes before someone gets back to me. I know I’m going to do my best not to obsess over it and I know I’m going to fail. But cheers! I’ve come this far and that’s not small feat. Will most likely celebrate with some pie and a shot of whisky.

Guilty Pleasures

I am a sucker for stupid game apps. In particular, I like these visual novel/choose your own adventure games. And no, it’s not like the Dungeons and Dragons or Lord of the Rings inspired kind. No, no, no. That would be giving me far too much credit. For some reason, I gravitate toward the craptastic romances, the drama for drama’s sake stories that may or may not have been translated well from Japanese. Even when they’re originally written in English, these stories are rife with typos or improper use of an apostrophe. My husband sometimes laughs at me as I play my game because I will stop and cuss at my phone. I suppose I’m a bit of a masochist that, despite all these shortcomings, I love, love, love these games.

Why? Because for one thing, I almost always have five minutes to spare about every three to four hours (enough for these “story tickets” to recharge). For another, it makes me feel better about my own writing. We all have those moments where “I can’t write for shit” ends up being the mantra we writers beat ourselves up with. When I read these stories, I tend to look back on my own work a little more favorably. In fact, I’m even inspired to push myself forward, to get those words down and reach the next scene. Also, I’m oddly encouraged by the idea that someone somewhere will like my stories, even if they come across as over-the-top, cheesy, ridiculous. I may not be someone’s creme brulee, but I’ll settle for being someone’s bag of chips. 😉

Anyway, I hope you guys have a great Sunday afternoon. Enjoy reading, writing, and your own guilty pleasures.

NaNoWriMo is Here…

… and I feel a little envious of all of my friends participating. I’m not this year, since Baby Sophia tends to keep my hands full. As I mentioned to some friends of mine on Facebook recently, judging by the crayon scribbles on my computer, my toddler writes on my laptop more than I do these days. It’s sad, but true.

But just because I’m short on time doesn’t mean I’m short on goals. I’m going to try and finish up the first draft of my second novel before the end of November. I don’t think I’m going to meet my deadline, mind you, but I’m interested to see how far I can get before Nov. 30th. I’m at the halfway point now, so as long as I keep plugging away at it, I should be fine. I’m already at 118K words and I’ve reached the midpoint of the story so even though I feel like I “cheated” by working on a novel before November, well, I’m an over-writer and I will write at least another 100K before I call this book complete.

And without further ado, I am going back to it!

It’s nearly October…

…and if you know me at all, that means I may be in for a writing marathon. Although this year is different. I have a toddler to deal with and it’s like wrangling Godzilla in miniature form. Not sure where I will find the time to write. As is, I’m sneaking this in during her nap as I sit twisted in an odd angle hoping I don’t disturb her too much. (She sleeps next to me.)

I have a lot of thoughts in my head at the moment, one of which is I may suffer from seasonal manic-depression. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I’m not too upset. I’m actually kind of okay with the notion. Even in my depressed state, it’s not like I lie in bed, unable to get up and do things. Nor does it mean I think sad thoughts all day long. I’m just not feeling very social. In fact, I just want to recharge.

And then it’s like I snap out of it and look at my life with an “oh my god” sense of awakening where my house needs some serious cleaning. Hence, the manic phase. And then I play catch-up with neglected friends with apologies that I couldn’t focus on any of my reading obligations or even shoot a message. It seems like a Herculean effort to even click on a button and post a sticker in Facebook. There needs to be one that says, “I’m sorry I’m a shit. It’s me, not you. Love me anyway?” Because I really don’t mean to be a shit, I just don’t have any energy for anyone save for Baby Sophia.

I do this every year and it’s just as embarrassing last year as it is this year. What’s worse is, I know I’ll do this again next year. And the year after that. While it doesn’t bother me, it seems to bother the people who care about me and I don’t know what to do and say about that. “I’m okay, I just need time to recharge” just doesn’t seem to make sense to them. I’m one of the weird ones that’s kind of an extrovert in that I can’t seem to shut up from expressing myself yet kind of an introvert in that… I really do like peace and quiet. Going out with people freak me the hell out, I clam up or say the absolute worse thing, my jokes and intentions backfire–it’s just not a pleasant experience for me. So I like being a hermit and the most “out there” I put myself is on the internet via memes or blogs like this one. You know, where I’m shocked when people actually read the shit I write. LOL

I don’t know, you guys. Most of my friends are writers, and if you’re reading my writing blog then chances are, you’re a writer, too. So tell me what you think. What are your thoughts? Do you relate because you also deal with seasonal manic depression (or other emotional or mental issue) in your life? What’s going on with you?


To my friends who hang around year after year suffering through all my flaws, thank you. You don’t know what your tolerance and compassion means to me. To those that couldn’t take my bullshit anymore, I understand and I’m sorry.

Behind the Scenes of “Model Town”

Warning: this blog post may contain spoilers, SO if you don’t want to know anything more, bookmark this page and read after you’ve finished “Model Town,” which is available for FREE download on Amazon Kindle between Monday, June 5th and Friday, June 9th. You can pick up a copy of that here.

Like many of my short stories, “Model Town” was born from too much scrolling on the internet. I joined one of those writer groups that specializes in posting Open Calls For Submissions and one day, I saw an ad for a Toys in the Attic horror anthology. Intrigued, I clicked on the site to learn more. The ad suggests to email and pitch creepy toy ideas before submitting, as they didn’t want a hundred stories about an evil doll and nothing else. I thought a toy train in a model town would be fantastic.

But what would be so special about this particular toy? The closest thing I had to a model town could be found in my favorite video game franchise, the Sims. I’ve been a fan from Sims 1 to Sims 4, and I can’t begin to tell you how many hours I’ve spent building and decorating both houses, lots, and Sims. I’ve wasted away my life getting my neighborhood “just so.” And then it clicked. That was it! What if I created a town that was like a vampire? It sucked the very soul out of you–literally–all the while appearing to be oh, so innocuous. You could stop at any time–only, you couldn’t. It called you back because that’s how obsessions work.

Speaking of inspirations and obsessions, the character of Zachary Malvern was based off of Mr. Dark from Something Wicked This Way Comes as played by Jonathan Pryce, who embodied tall, dark, and sinister in all the right ways. Though it never came out in the story (because Laurel never figured it out), Zachary first appears in the train opposite Laurel when she has her first Fayton dream. That’s right: Zachary, being a creature of the fey (and definitely of the Unseelie Court) had the ability to change his guise at will. He first appears as a woman because Old Roy was the town’s last victim. Much like the Autumn People of Something Wicked This Way Comes, Zachary Malvern caters to one’s desires–he’s a classic devil with a soul to steal.

What were Laurel’s last words? “Will you… at least…” It was a request she had of Zachary and he understood all too well what she needed to hear. I left it up to interpretation as I feel that stories, like poems, are personal things and should cater more to the reader than the writer. It could have meant “will you at least tell me if you loved me” and if you thought that, fine. That lends the story one tone. But if you must know how I meant it, her last thought was “will you at least lie to me?” Laurel wanted some comfort before she went into that box for eternity to be forgotten forever after. And Zachary, not being completely without compassion, obliges her. Did he love her? Well, even I don’t know that. Some characters are so vague and mysterious, they keep their secrets even from me. And I’m not so nosy as to ask.

Hope you enjoyed this episode of Behind the Scenes. Got a question? Leave me one in the comments below or follow my Facebook Author’s Page and shoot me a PM. Until next time, bye!



On Editors

(*This was originally written and published on Oct 5th, 2016 on my Facebook Page. Posting it here for those who missed it and also, because I can easily look this up on my blog.)

As some of you may know, I recently hired an editor for the very first time and not only am I loving the experience, I cannot stress enough the importance of finding one. And not just any editor, but one that is not only knowledgeable in his or her craft but is a good fit for you.

But let me back up a space and answer the question most writers might ask. “Why hire a professional editor?” You may argue you are a good enough writer–or you will learn to be a good writer by editing your own work. You may argue you have friends who beta read for you and they can help with tense shifts and grammar rules and the like.

True, true. But, to answer the first: you as the author will NEVER be able to see the glaring flaws of your own story. It makes perfect sense to you because you are utilizing your own language. I am fluent in Rebecca-ese so naturally, I will understand all the hints and references I am making. An editor will help *translate* Rebecca-ese into a language everyone can understand. My editor told me when I needed to elaborate and on what. I may see the story play out in my head and upon rereading it, get the same visuals. But did I remember to write that out?! Haha. Oops. No, I didn’t.

Now, regarding beta readers–and I am NOT anti-beta readers–there is a difference between an opinion and an EDUCATED opinion. Do they know the definition and use of foreshadowing? When to flag me for repetitive words? When I use passive vs active voice? I like beta readers to gauge how my story might hit the common reader but to test if my story structure is sound, I hire an editor. They will test it like a building inspector will an archetect’s designs, point out your weak spots and help you plug up those plot holes and discrepancies that might make your story fall flat.

But you know what I love BEST about having an editor? It’s like having a private tutor. That’s right. It’s like the BEST two-for-one deal you will get. NOT ONLY is your story getting the makeover it needs BUT YOU, as an author, get to see what you did wrong! So make a note of your weaknesses, ask questions as to why this change was necessary and you will improve your craft! Dreamy, right? I am swooning.

So, OK, so you’re sold on getting an editor. Now what? Find one whose work you admire. Read their stories (if they also write) and if they have a similiar writing style or preferred genre to yours, then try them out. What was important to me was to find an editor who could help me achieve my vision for my work. I wanted my story to still sound like me; I didn’t want my story to sound like a knock-off Stephen King or even resemble my editor’s “voice”. I was lucky and I found that. Find an editor that works with you. It should feel like a bond, a partnership. If you feel like you’re on opposing sides of a boxing match, it is probably time to find a new editor.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Stayed tuned for more thoughts. Got any questions for me and/or my experience as a writer? Please comment below.

Thanks for reading!